09 Maret 2010

Expanding Skills while Taking Time

Selasa, Maret 09, 2010
Are you a project manager of a company? You are in benefit of ensuring your career path. It goes without saying that a bigger responsibility is burdened to you as a consequence of the upgraded level of the job description. That is why an enrichment is urgently needed to develop your managerial skill.

You need a systematic training for that. Yes, it is the way many managers do. That’s it? Just subscribe, pay, get the lessons, and take the exam? It’s not so easy as it’s cracked up to be, indeed. Check this reason: time. Are you sure you have enough time to take all the chains of the training from A to Z? It’s not merely about the things in your formal job. Remember, you have a family and social life out there. So, it’s frequently to be something to think about all over again.

One more reason, and more basically: money. Have you imagined how much money you will have to spend for a professional training? Hundreds or even thousands of dollars will be up in the air. Is it relevant with your (let’s say) tight budget?

Anyway, when there is a will there is a way. It’s good to find a training provider that could appease the two basic reasons. Go find this, The Project Management PrepCast (PM PrepCast). It provides Project Management Professional/ PMP Exam training for project managers all over the world. It covers concepts, tools, and techniques in a series of videos and audio files that you can grab in your hand, on your cell phone. And the price is remarkably below the standard the others offer. Thus the two problems are slightly resolved.

With the PM PrepCast, you will be delivered a complete study approach to bolster your knowledge to the PMP Certification. The methodical approach will increase the chance of passing the exam. Moreover, you will feel like going together with the real trainer in your mobile device as your personal PMP trainer. What about the material? Hard and tough? It could be so, to ensure the requirement of your dedication for the training. Don’t worry, you will be taught the 42 processes and 9 knowledge areas from the PMBOK Guide that covers the concepts and techniques.

The aim is to bolster you that you will be able to have your studies more enjoyable, faster, and easier for expanding your managerial skill, while taking your time…


  1. Hmm, sometime we need it. However, this world's gonna full of opportunity with a bunch of intellectuals :)

  2. sukses iaa bang review nya...
    dollar deres deh.. :D

  3. @ Mas Darin - Thanks for your opinion :-)

    @ Sharing Ilmu - Hehehe gitu deh Mas Rendy. Lumayanlah buat bayar Speedy tiap bulan :-D

  4. Good review Mas Edwin... I see George Washington here, hahaha

  5. Hi Edwin,
    Sounds like a great way to educate ourselves.
    I'll check the site your mentioned.
    Thanks for the information.

  6. ow, i just knew this PM PrepCast after reading your writing above. will consider this in future. thanks for sharing...

  7. nice post. it is a very useful info. life is never ending learning journey

  8. @ H. Nizam, Alfa, Yacochuya - Thanks for your constructive opinions ^_^

  9. having a real trainer in our own mobile device? woooow o.O. interesting...!

  10. I really appreciate this wonderful effort and say thanks for sharing good information.

  11. terima kasih atas informasinya


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