31 Desember 2010

Get Stylish and Protected with Sunglasses

Jumat, Desember 31, 2010
Do you want to have EYES on you? Or, do you love all attentions to be attracted bull’s EYE to you? Yes, it is all a matter of EYES! Fashion is just not limited to the beautification of our body, hair, and face with dress, shoes, accessories, cosmetics, and hair-styling. Don’t forget this one: EYES. They can definitely be adorned in style as well, with –sure thing- glasses.

In the conventional way, glasses do much in helping eyes with shortcomings to look and function properly. And on the other hand, glasses are also designed for fashion. Many of them are provided with dark or fountain-coloured lens. Further, they are equipped with particular technology to protect eyes from hazardous beams that may bring about serious eye trouble. And the type of such glasses commonly comes in the shape of sunglasses.

Eyes are liable to be exposed to direct sunbeam at daylight, particularly in summer time. Sunbeam flashes ultraviolet (UV) ray to earth, alongside of its radiation. When posed to eyes directly and in a constant period of time, it can cause serious damage to eyes, from burn, wrinkles, skin cancer on face, and cataracts. That is why we need to choose UV protection sunglasses for maximum safety of our eyes.

Sunglasses are made for outdoor activities, with all kinds of those, such as fishing, sunbathing at beach, or even just taking a walk in the park. It is really a style, and fashionable too. Sunglasses can be meshed as well with the spirit of sport. Sport lovers will find a convenience by wearing sport sunglasses representing an identity of a sport entity. Just check this out: the NCAA UNC sport sunglasses. Yeah, basketball lovers, especially those who like the University of North Carolina team, really have their identity on the frame around their eyes. Enjoying basketball game together with fashion is such a great thing to do.

Grown-up men enjoy sunglasses. What about kids? Sure thing, they are also ‘eligible’ to adorn their eyes with cool sunglasses. For kids who love to move actively, sport sunglasses are prepared for them. They can have these: the Boston Red Sox Kids Sublimated Sunglasses. These kids sunglasses are appropriate for kids when they give support to their favourite baseball team, Boston Red Sox.

No doubt, sunglasses are taken as part of our daily life. We have style and protection together as one. People wear them everywhere. And all we have to do is find the right place to grab sunglasses of our choice.



  1. tentang kacamata ya mas...wah..kalau suruh milih kacamata kadang agak ribet mas...soalnya harus pas di wajah....

  2. Stylish and protecting our eyes at the same time.
    That's good!

    Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year.

  3. Suka denga kacamatanya Edgard Davids neh

  4. Mungkin kalo aku ber sun glasses tambah cuwakeop ya

  5. I feel difficult to choose match sunglasses with my face

  6. kayaknya Q gag pantes deh pake kacamata,,,
    blogwalking nih gan,,,
    salam kenal,,
    kalo sempet silahkan mampir ke blog saya,
    terima kasih

  7. artikelnya bagus...

  8. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed.

    Thank you for your work !


  9. Thank you for taking this opportunity to chat about this and providing that link. I have visited to that site and found many beautiful sunglasses there. I will recomment about that to all my friends.

  10. sometimesI hate sunglass but when in the beach I have too.

  11. Thanks for sharing such an interesting and informative post.
    yazili sorulari

  12. kacamata memang bisa nambah trendy

  13. pengen kacamata model gaya, sekaligus banyak manfaatnya

  14. Terimakasih banyak atas informasinya.,
    Sungguh luar biasa sekali banyak pelajaran yang saya dapatkan.... setelah saya berkunjung ke blog ini

  15. terima kasih atas informasinya


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