06 November 2010

Cool DVD Ripping Solution

Sabtu, November 06, 2010
Since DVD had ended the VCD era with its remarkable features, the home entertainment lovers found the ultimate satisfaction in enjoying movies. Revealing visual excellence and more roaring sound, DVD became the hottest electronic stuff in the midst of 2000’s.

With a bigger carrying capacity compared to VCD –from 4.7 GB capacity (single layer, single sided) to 18 GB (double layer, double sided)- DVD can store a 2-hour-long film in one DVD disc, fully supplemented with audio track of Dolby Surround and DTS 5.1 alongside of trailer, subtitle, multiangle, and more.

It is right to say that DVD leads to recognition in innovation of entertainment technology. However, DVD was likely to be formerly designed regardless of the portable and handy lifestyle of the users. When you loved to watch your favourite movie DVD, thus you had to hang around your entertainment set at home. Your advanced gadgets in your hands mean close to nothing with DVD.

But now we can convert DVD to many digital formats of audio and video. Files in DVD are allowed to be transferred to portable devices such as iPod, iPhone, PSP, PS3, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile Phones, and many more. It is ImTOO that releases the solution for DVD users. ImTOO delivers a software application to rip DVD to almost video and audio formats. Take the benefit of DVD Ripper to rip DVD to MP3, DVD to AVI, DVD to MPEG, and many others with amazing speed and quality. As the ripping is finished, it will be directly transferred to your mobile devices.

You can benefit more from DVD Ripper as audio and video editing feature is available. Prior to ripping, you can manage cutting and merging clips of your choice, adding subtitles and soundtracks.

Mac users are well facilitated with ImTOO DVD ripping softwares. Get rid of incompatibility worries. ImTOO backs up Mac users with their powerful DVD Ripper for Mac. Everything is possible to rip DVD to most video and audio formats, and to High Definition (HD) format. It is also up to you to organize clip movie, crop movie image to convert to JPG, split or merge titles smoothly, get imaginative with nice effects, and you will find more when you’re in.

Mac users will be entertained with more choice as ImTOO also relies on Video Converter for Mac for media files solution. It supports conversion of High Definition (HD) or Standard definition (SD) format videos. Video formats comprised are AVCHD, MPEG, Quick Time HD, WMV HD, AVI HD, MP4, MOV, and others. For audio they are MP3, WMA, WAV, and so on.

With the abundance of features, a problem to convert DVD fun to many known formats has been resolved with ImTOO cool ripping softwares. No more hassle to DVD conversion. And it’s time to make up your mind.



  1. Hi Edwin,

    The DVD has bring good changes to our life especially for enjoying ourselves.
    We can enjoy it at home or in our car or public buses, trains, airplanes.
    Moreover, the DVD can be purchased according to our choices, from simple but cheap or hi-fidelity first class ones.

    Have an enjoyable weekend with your loved ones.

  2. thanks

    DVD is one of most important invention in the world !

  3. One of result hight tecnology is DVD...are you sure..???

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    nice post .
    thanks for share .
    be success .

  5. salam kenal .
    makasih buat infonya .
    thanks .

  6. DVD Ripping ? ini sebenarnya legal tidak sih ?

  7. Thanks for sharing Cool DVD Ripping Solution

  8. terimakasih gan info yang menarik

  9. Terimakasih banyak atas informasinya.,
    Sungguh luar biasa sekali banyak pelajaran yang saya dapatkan.... setelah saya berkunjung ke blog ini

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