01 Juli 2010

Free Your Body from Oxidative Hassle

Kamis, Juli 01, 2010
Living in big cities brings about remarkable consequences. Modern people are posed to problems concerning their healthy life as routine and repetitious daily activities exhaust the quality of their life. High density of work, pollution, and contaminated air get people to lose their body abilities and to look older than their actual age.

A solution to bring health back is urgently needed. Where to find it out? It is good to quote OXIS International, Inc pertaining to this matter. The company concerns on the product research, development, and trade useful to work against detrimental effects of oxidative stress. The stress itself points to the state that the antioxidant and other defensive abilities of someone’s body to tackle free radicals are devastated.

This way, OXIS delivers exquisite products comprising healing nutraceutical, cosmeceutical, proprietary formulations, and clinical products. Moreover, OXIS products bolster natural substances inside for gaining useful outcomes on people’s health, including brain health, immunity, anti aging, inflammation, detox, and blood sugar regulation.

OXIS gives underline on its major product taking a role as powerful antioxidant compound, namely L-Ergothioneine (ERGO). ERGO is naturally occurring, water soluble, amino acid multifaceted antioxidant produced by microbes in the soil. Relying on ERGO, OXIS has been developing products giving out ERGO advantages by itself and with other elements providing many health caring systems.

To mention, here are some ERGO advantages comprising its aptitude to: keep and maintain the levels of other antioxidants such as vitamin E, C, and glutathione, boost respiration and oxidation of fat, protect mitochondria from damage, reduce the damaging effects of environmental ultraviolet radiation, neutralize increased oxidative stress, and protect against neurotoxins effects.

OXIS is also about to develop other nutraceuticals and functional food like nutrition bars, energy beverages that will be distributed in retail. With all of the advantages at once, there is a clear reason to take it all at OXIS. Save time and mount up penny stocks.



  1. Hi Edwin,
    Our health should always be our No. 1 concern, therefore any good recommendation should be tried.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wah kesehatan emank selalu jadi yg terpenting Sob.....

  3. Terima kasih atas infonya yah , gan .

  4. makasih buat produk info kesehatannya.

  5. terima kasih atas informasinya


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