06 Februari 2010

Secret Keylogger for Your Security Essentials

Sabtu, Februari 06, 2010
Do you own a computer at home? I guess you do. You are used to availing it for your daily work, report arrangement, and even browsing on the net at leisure time. However have you ever thought someone else in your household or outsider logged in your computer and did things you would never be able to get an evidence?

Here is the answer. BrickHouse Security delivers you solution to protect your computer security, safety, prevention, and retrieval needs; whether you are of personal, organizational, or governmental entity. All you need is the Stealth iBot Computer Spy that acts as your undercover agent to provide you the record of your computer usage, especially committed by someone else. It works undercover as you don’t need to keep it plugged into your computer. After 5-second-long quick install, just unplug it and you will have anybody unaware that all their activities on your computer have been covertly recorded. Trace all from passwords, keystrokes, screenshots, to websites visited by anybody outside you with this keylogger.

It is really such a sophisticated secret monitoring tool for your computer surveillance. No trace and clue left that your device has been sentinelled with an undetectable ‘watch dog’. Even someone else used your computer by his own user account. There is nothing to worry about. You can still overlook all user accounts without having the password to sign in.

As committed in protection service, BrickHouse Security also delivers a very useful tool for personal users, namely the BrickHouse Child Locator. Parents are frequently worried about their little children when they are in crowded places such as malls, amusement parks, stadiums, or festivals. Children are vulnerable to play around and they never stick around their parents. For this, parents frequently find them missing. The BrickHouse Security solution works. The child locator can instantly notify parents with beep, vibration, and directional guidance. When children start wandering away from preset range from parents, beep starts sounding and gets louder as objects get closer. So parents can localize the possible position of their missing children.

Find more BrickHouse Security offers that we might have never imagined before to have that could help us relieve our security problems.


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