10 November 2009

Share the World with Respect on Thoughts.com

Selasa, November 10, 2009
I do love people who have the spirit to interact with others in respect. People from different background and cultures share their mind in a good way. How can we do it in this world with rapidly growing information technology? Yes, it is time to go beyond the boundaries. It is the internet that enables us to get acquainted with people from all over the world.

How are we supposed then to find a place in the internet jungle? A place which delivers the spirit to interrelate respectfully of each other in a global virtual community? The answer is here, at Thoughts.com. it is an amazingly bolstered blog site enlightening the community inside with active motion, such as sharing our thoughts, involving into the conversation, and even debating hot issues. Just free your mind. All we have to keep up as a commitment is do them all with respect. We are free to have different opinions and disagreement, but remember, be respectful of one another. What we are talking about is in line with Thoughts’ one love philosophy as the culture that is sustained and inspired by the belief that there is one universal love shared by everyone.

As a social interactive site, Thoughts.com provides user-friendly widgets for you to interact within the community. It is your choice for any information you would like to take. Once you choose one, your account is subsequently updated with your friends’ latest blog posts, emails, updates, and more.

What are the widgets anyway? Well, Thoughts.com delivers a set of wonderful tools that will make your conversation and interaction colourful. You can get a FREE BLOG to express yourself online. You can UPLOAD PHOTOS to share with your friends. Wanna have them easier? Arrange them in an album. You can also UPLOAD VIDEOS on to your blog under one control panel. You don’t need different sites for your photos, videos, and blogging. More, UPLOAD PODCASTS. You can upload, download, play, and share your favourite podcasts from just one site. To interact with friends, you can avail POLLS, FORUMS, and GROUPS to explore more on your conversation and experiences. All you can get in just one site, Thoughts.com.


  1. wah..wah...
    makin jaya aja ne...
    sukses terus ya mas edwin...

  2. Jadi disini kita tidak perlu situs yang berbeda ya untuk upload foto, video, dan aktifitas blogging?

    mantab-mantab pren...
    sukses ya.. :)

  3. thanks mas edwin infonya. bagus ni.
    aye baru tahu juga. really
    coba langsung k tkp ya

  4. Nice info frenz
    thx for sharing :)

  5. Wah dah lama ga mampir kesini...hehehhe, gimana nih kabarnya?

  6. Baru tahu saya, artikel bagus bisa menambah pengetahuan umum

  7. terima kasih atas informasinya


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